9-48V PWM DC Motor Speed Controller, up to 15A, Reversible

This controller is designed for operating direct current (DC) electric motors. It allows you to adjust the current reaching a motor (or linear actuator) and hence the rotation (or extension) speed of it. You simply need to provide a DC current of between 9-48V to the lead marked 'INPUT' (ensure correct polarity here) and then attach your device to be driven to the second DC-connector lead which provides the output. 

The included potentiometer control dial (see second image) can be turned clockwise to increase the output or anti-clockwise to decrease it. A rectangular rocker switch extends from the controller and allows you to change the travel direction of a DC motor. 

The input and output connectors are of a female DC 2.1 x 5.5mm type, please see here for matching male to screw terminal connectors


This controller is rated to handle a constant load of up to 6A, and 15A for periods of up to 30s at a time. A fuse or circuit breaker should be added if there is a risk of the current exceeding the rated maximum. If the input voltage falls below 9V the controller may not operate, if it exceeds 60V it will damage the controller. 

Like most DC motor controllers this device regulates the current via pulse width modulation (PWM), switching the supplied current on and off at high frequency to simulate a lower voltage. For example when the controller is set to half-speed it will be switching the output on for 50% of the time and off for the other 50% but at such a fast rate that a 12V supply would effectively read 6V at the output. Practically speaking it can be easier to think of the device as a variable voltage controller, changing the voltage that's available to the connected device.

The rocker switch which is attached to the controller swaps the polarity of the current that is sent to the output lead (swapping positive and negative poles), allowing a motor to change direction. Because the polarity can swap you should not try to connect other controllers to the output since a change in polarity may damage them. The rocker switch is of a 'latching' type, meaning that it will stay in position once switched (either to forwards, off, or backwards).

The controller would pair up well with our GR12, GR-WM1 and GR-WM2 motors. 

See the technical details tab for a list of specifications.


Input Range: 9V - 48V DC

Output Current: up to 6A continuous, 15A peak (<30s)

PWM Output: 0 - 100%

PWM Frequency: 25,000Hz

Controller Body Size: 92 x 52 x 36mm (excluding mounting flanges, which make total length 117mm)

Rocker switch face size: 32 x 25mm

Lead Lengths: >250mm each

Connectors: 2.1 x 5.5mm DC (female). Screw terminal connectors are available separately.

Case material: Aluminium

Weight: 160g

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