AC to 12V DC 10A Power Supply/Adapter for Motors & Actuators

DISCONTINUED:  We have now replaced this power supply with a more-efficient and more-compact model, available to buy here

This 12V DC mains power adapter is capable of providing up to 10A of output current, sufficient for powering 2-3 of our smaller linear actuators simultaneously, or one of our larger GLA4000-S model actuators when operated at up to 80% of the rated capacity. The supply is capable of providing the short spikes in current demanded of inductive loads (DC motors), which many other power supplies designed for resistive loads (LED drivers) cannot.

Each adapter has a rectangular body, with a 1.1m output lead running from the adapter block to a male DC barrel connector (2.5 x 5.5mm size, which is compatible with 2.1 x 5.5mm). In series with the output is a 10A 'Standard' automotive blade fuse which is easily replaced with a smaller value if the application requires it. An IEC C14 connector in the side of the adapter matches up with the included C13 mains cable, which is available with either a UK 3-pin (as pictured) or EU 2-pin and earth fused plug, selectable below.

The power supply can accept an input of between 100V~240V AC, 50/60 HZ. More infomation is provided below.


Unlike many similarly sized power supplies designed for powering LED lighting, laptops and other steady-load devices, this power supply is capable of powering medium sized electric motors (inductive loads) which often have a high start-up current. 

There is a slow-blow fuse in line with the output lead to protect against overloads. In some cases it may be appropriate to replace the fuse on the output with one of a lower rating to protect connected devices, however you should never replace the fuse with one of a higher rating than the supplied 10A.

The maximum duty cycle rating of the power supply is 20% at 10A. This is the maximum percentage of the time that the load should be active at 10A, for example for each 2 minutes of loading the power supply at 10A the load should then be OFF for 8 minutes to prevent overheating. If loaded at 10A for 1 minute then allow for 4 minutes rest etc. If the load current is kept much lower than 10A the duty cycle can be increased, up to 100% (continuous) duty for loads of LESS than 5A.

To give examples of the supply's capability, it may power up to three GLA750 or GLA200 actuators simultaneously, or two GLA600-S or GLA1500-N actuators. It can also power a single larger GLA4000-S model up to 80% of its rated load capacity. If you need to run a load greater than this then please look at our 350W power supplies

This power supply is suitable for indoor use only. Due to the nature of the design it should not be used for operating ITE / multimedia equipment. Every power supply is tested under load before sending and includes an information sheet inside each box. 


Input voltage:
100V~240V AC, ~1.6A 50/60 HZ
Output voltage:
12V DC
Output current:
10A max (see duty cycle rating)
Duty cycle:Up-to 20% at 10A (maximum 2 minutes continuous),
Increasing to 100% duty if load current is kept below 5A
Operating temperature:0°C ~ +40°C (allow free air flow around the body)
Adapter body size:170 x 65 x 40mm (excluding leads)
Case material:Plastic
Weight:430g, add approximately 230g for the included mains lead
Input lead:
(selectable above)
UK 3-pin fused C13 Lead (1m or 1.8m long depending on availability)
EU 2-pin-and-Earth Schuko C13 Lead (1m or 1.8m long depending on availability)
Output lead:1.1m long, with in-line Standard blade fuse holder and Male DC connector 2.5 x 5.5mm. The output connector is also compatible with 2.1 x 5.5mm connectors.
Fuse on output:'Standard’ (APR, ATC, ATO, ATS) automotive blade fuse, 10A rating
Product standards:This is a CE and RoHS compliant product

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