AC to 12V DC 33A Silent Power Supply for Motors & Actuators

This heavy duty power supply, designed specifically for driving large motor or actuator loads, takes a UK mains AC supply of ~230V (the input lead is 1m long, with a 3-pin fused UK plug) and outputs 12V DC, up to 33A peak (the output lead is 1m long, with screw terminals at the end), whilst enclosing the transformer itself within a protective plastic enclosure.

Unlike many power supplies that claim a similar output current, this power supply is truely capable of providing the short-term current spikes demanded of large inductive loads like electric motors and actuators. If you have a supply of a similar rating which keeps cutting out prematurely then you may find that replacing with this supply solves the problem.

Please read further details below to ensure suitability for your application. 

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This power supply offers a heavy-duty alternative to our compact 12V 8A Adapter, and is ideal for larger loads including running a GLA4000-S model actuator to its full capacity, or even operating two or three GLA4000-S actuators in tandem (depending on the output load and controller used).

An in-built cooling fan is triggered by a thermostat, meaning that in most applications the power supply is silent, with the fan only turning on if there is a period of relatively heavy usage. Vents on the side and top of the enclosure allow air to flow through the supply when the fan is on, these vents should not be covered.

Due to the construction of the power supply, wiring and enclosure, the continuous load current should not exceed 5A, with a maximum 30A for <2 minutes at 20% duty, and peak 33A for <1s. In practice this makes this product most suitable for intermittent actuator loads such as operating electric hatches and doors, where the average current draw from a controller is very small but the peak current demands can be much higher. 

25A iATY thermal circuit breaker output protection

The 12V output is protected by a 25A-rated iATY model thermal circuit breaker. Through our own testing we have determined that these circuit breakers, which are in a standard blade fuse package, offer much more consistent overcurrent protection than automotive fuses of a similar current rating. They are capable of carrying a 30A current for <2 minutes without tripping, but will trip consistently in <20s if there is short on the output of the power supply (provided that the short is a low-resistance one). If the circuit breaker has tripped the red toggle at the top of its body will protrude outwards, you can reset the breaker (after the short or overload has been removed) by pushing the toggle down again, meaning that you don't have to worry about keeping spare fuses. 

Designed for indoor use only, IP20 enclosure, cannot be exposed to water. Further details listed below.


Input Voltage:
180 ~ 264V AC, 47-63Hz
Output Voltage:12V DC
Output Current:Maximum 5A continuous, 30A for <2 minutes, 33A <1s peak
Operating Temperature:0°C ~ +40°C (ensure that free air flow is allowed around the body)
Enclosure Outer Size:265 x 200 x 110mm (excluding leads)
Case Material:Technopolymer GWPLAST 75 (Gewiss GW44 208)
Input Lead:1m long with 3-pin UK plug (with 3A fuse)
Output Lead:1m long 2.5mm2 twin-core cable with dual screw terminal connectors
Output Protection:25A iATY model thermal manual-resettable fuse, mounted in to standard blade fuse holder inside enclosure
Internal Transformer Module:WEHO S-400-12 (non-standard version, with thermostatic fan)

Please contact us if you have any questions, or are uncertain of the suitability of this item for your application.

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