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Chrome Key Fob X3 Remote Transmitter, 433MHz, Rolling Code

This compact and stylish chrome-edged remote transmitter is designed for use with the latest GLA-CU-X3 remote control system and is only compatible with X3 type receivers. The body construction is of a higher quality than most fobs on the market, with three relatively large and easy to use rubberised buttons. 

The remote uses the latest rolling-code encrypted transmission type as used by the GLA-CU-X3 model receiver. If you have a GLA-CU-X2 receiver then please see the previous version here, or for older GLA-CU-X, GLA-CU-20 or GLA-CU-12V devices please contact us for fixed-code versions of the transmitter.

Each transmitter may operate paired (programmed) receivers at up to 25M away (line of sight range, the range is reduced when operating through walls or objects). When planning locations for your transmitter and receiver bear in mind that metal (electrically conducting) objects in particular tend to block RF signals, so avoid these between the two devices.

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Each remote is constructed from a waterproof metal and plastic body, 61x30x12mm in size. It features three buttons, two for forwards and backwards travel of an actuator (or for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation of a DC motor) denoted by arrows, and one button for stopping marked with a square. 

A blue LED at the top of the device indicates when a button is pressed, and can also help to indicate when the battery is running low (if the light starts to dim). Be aware that a bit of a flicker (high frequency pulsing) from the LED when a button is pressed is normal. 

The remote transmits at 433MHz and takes two CR2016 3V batteries for power (two are included inside each remote, ready for use, and two spares are also included with each remote purchased). 

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