Mains AC to 12V DC 30A Motor & Actuator Power Supply

DISCONTINUED:  We have replaced this power supply with an improved model capable of a greater peak current output, and with a thermostatic fan allowing for silent operation most of the time. Please see the GR-12V-400W here for more details

This power supply provides an easy-to-use way of operating larger electric motors and actuators from a mains AC power source. It is designed for operating from a UK (240V) or EU (230V) mains supply and is supplied with a 3-pin UK fused plug at the end of a 1.2m long input cable. The output lead, 1m long, has screw terminals at the end for connecting the load. 

Unlike many power supplies that claim a similar output current this power supply is designed to be able to handle large short-term current spikes which are to be expected when operating inductive loads like electric motors and actuators. If you have a supply which keeps cutting out prematurely at below 30A load then you may find that replacing with this supply solves the problem.

Bear in mind that the device should not be used in continuous output applications and has a duty cycle limit of 20%. It is intended for intermittent use, up to 2 minutes in a continuous stretch. 

Read on below for more details. 


This mains adapter offers a higher-power alternative to our 12V 10A Power Supply, making it ideal for larger loads including running a GLA4000-S model actuator to its full capacity, or even operating two GLA4000-S actuators in tandem. 

Bear in mind that the power supply has a built-in cooling fan, do not cover the ventilation holes around the enclosure or it may overheat. The duty cycle rating is to allow the device time to cool down after loading cycles.

For indoor use only. Read below for detailed specifications.


Input voltage:
230V AC +/-10%, 50 HZ
Output voltage:12V DC
Output current:30A, up to 20% duty (maximum 2 minutes at a time) 
Operating temperature:0°C ~ +40°C (allow free air flow around the body)
Adapter body size:245 x 180 x 88mm (excluding leads)
Case material:Thermoplastic (Wiska 886LH Enclosure)
Input lead:1.2m long with 3-pin UK plug (with 5A fuse)
Output lead:1m long 2.5mm2 twin-core cable with dual screw terminal connectors
Fuse on output:Mini blade automotive, slow-blow, 30A continuous rating

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