Mains to 12V DC 10A Heavy Duty Power Supply/Adapter

This 12V DC mains power adapter is capable of providing up to 10A of output current, sufficient for powering two of our smaller linear actuators simultaneously, or one of our larger GLA4000-S actuators when operating up to 80% of the rated capacity. We have selected these power supplies specifically to be suitable for powering actuators and other DC motors (inductive loads), which many similar adapters are not capable of operating.

Each adapter has a rectangular body, with a 1.1m output lead running from the adapter block to a male DC barrel connector (2.1 x 5.5mm). In series with the output is a 10A mini blade fuse (slow-blow automotive type) which is easily replaced or changed to a smaller value if the application requires it. An IEC C13 mains socket in the side of the adapter matches up with the included mains cable, which is available with either a UK 3-pin (as pictured) or EU 2-pin fused plug, selectable below.

The power supply can accept an input of between 100V~240V AC, 50/60 HZ. 


This power supply can tolerate large start-up currents which enables the power supply to be used with inductive (e.g. DC motor) loads where initial current spikes can be high. The output fuse may be replaced for one rated for 10A or less, do not replace it for a higher value.

Due to the high power output from a small package the supply may get hot when powering high-current loads, please ensure that it is placed in a ventilated area and that the load duty does not exceed 50% duty, with a maximum 2 minutes at 10A in one stretch (e.g for every 2 minutes at 10A load allow a 2 minute rest afterwards). 

This power supply is suitable for indoor use only. 


Input voltage:
100V~240V AC, 50/60 HZ
Output voltage:12V DC
Output current:Up-to 10A at 50% duty, 15A peak burst (<0.3s)
Operating temperature:0°C ~ +40°C (please ensure that there is free air flow around the body so that it does not overheat)
Adapter body size:170 x 65 x 40mm (excluding leads)
Case material:Plastic
Weight:450g without mains lead (mains lead adds approximately 250g)
Input lead:1m long with 3-pin UK plug (with 5A fuse), C13 connector
Output lead:1m long with Male DC barrel connector 2.1 x 5.5mm
Fuse on output:Mini blade automotive, slow-blow, 10A fuse installed

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