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Medium Steel Actuator Mounting Bracket, 8mm

This bracket has been replaced by a 316 stainless steel bracket of the same size, for improved corrosion resistance.

This is a mid-sized folded steel (zinc-plated) bracket for use with a 8mm diameter mounting pin (a 8mm zinc-plated steel clevis pin and R-clip are provided).

These custom-designed mounting brackets allow you to attach one of our GLA1500-N model actuators and similar devices such as pistons and push rods to control surfaces. They are designed to fit the front or rear mounting points of an actuator and to facilitate rotation by close-to 180 degrees.

£6.00 £7.20 inc VAT

The bracket is constructed from a robust piece of laser-cut and folded 3mm thick steel which is zinc-plated for corrosion resistance, giving a silver/blue surface tint. The weight of each bracket without accessories is 80g, with the 8mm mounting pin and clip it is 105g.

Each bracket is supplied with: One 8mm diameter clevis pin, one pin-clip (R-clip), three M6 x 20mm bolts, and three M6 Nyloc nuts.

Please see technical details for a dimensioned diagram.

Dimensions for the bracket, in millimetres:

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