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Spare Key-fob Remote Transmitter, 433MHz

Please be aware this remote is only suitable for older 'X2' type receivers, not the newer 'X3' system

This compact key fob remote may be used as a spare or additional controller for our GLA-CU-X2 model remote receivers, it is identical to the key-fobs usually included with the receiver. This remote uses a rolling-code encrypted transmission type, if you have an older GLA-CU-X, GLA-CU-20 or GLA-CU-12V receiver then please contact us for fixed-code versions of the key fob.

These small transmitters may operate paired receivers at up to 30M away (line of sight range, the range is reduced when operating through walls or objects). When planning locations for your transmitter and receiver bear in mind that metal (electrically conducting) objects in particular tend to block RF signals, so avoid these between the two devices.

More information is provided below.

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Each remote is constructed from a waterproof plastic body, 58x30x12mm in size. It features three buttons, two for forwards and backwards travel of an actuator (or for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation of a DC motor) denoted by arrows, and one button for stopping marked with an on/off power symbol. 

A small red LED at the top of the device indicates when a button is pressed, and can also help indicate when the battery is running low (if the light starts to become faint).

The remote transmits at 433MHz and takes a single A27 12V battery for power (one is included inside each remote, ready for use).

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