Steel Rack Gears, 1.5 Mod, GR-RK1 Spares

These modular rack gears are the same as those included with the GR-RK1 linear actuator

Two sizes are available, both with a 1.5 Module gear pitch; a smaller 46 tooth option and a larger 72 tooth option. Each is precision EDM-machined from hardened steel and then black-oxide coated. 

A rack-clamping set is also available (forth picture along) which includes two laser-cut metal plates and four M5 button-head screws, for attaching one rack gear section to another.

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Each rack gear section has four 5mm holes (which are used for connecting one rack to the next), two 6mm holes (which are useful for mounting) and either 6 or 8 M4 tapped holes (which are used for mounting limit switch trigger plates on the GR-RK1 actuator). 

The 46T rack weighs 160g, the 72T rack is 250g and a rack-clamping set weighs 40g.

Any standard 20 degree pressure angle 1.5 MOD gear should run along the top of the racks.

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