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HRS-550S DC 36mm Motor (12V and 18V versions)

Please see this alternative 18V cordless drill motor, or this 12V cordless drill motor, as possible alternatives.

This compact and high-powered brushed DC electric motor is of a '550' can size, typical to many cordless tools and remote control cars. Maximum efficiency power output can exceed 80W and peak power output is hundreds of watts from a motor only 36mm in diameter. 

The motors come complete with either a 9 tooth or 15 tooth pinion gear (approx 0.7 Mod), or just a plain 3.17mm shaft. Your preferred option can be selected through a drop-down box below.

Please see the specifications table under technical details for more information.

£11.20 £13.44 inc VAT

This model of motor is very similar to our ADRS550SH model motors, with slightly different operating characteristics. 

As a relatively common '550' can size these motors may be used as replacements for many cordless tools or electric toys, though do be sure to check that the specifications match up closely enough with your current motor before attempting to use them. 

The motor has a built-in cooling fan which is crucial to enabling the high power output from such a small motor size, be sure not to obstruct the vent holes towards the rear of the motor body so that hot air can escape. Ensure that any power and control electronics used with the motor are rated to handle the high currents that the motor can demand, as set out in the operating specifications.

Leads Options

The motor is available either with plain copper connecting tabs (two tabs on the rear of the motor which can be soldered or crimped onto), or it can come supplied with 500mm long silicone-insulated leads, red and black.  Allow for one extra working day to process your order if a lead option is added, since these are soldered and insulated to-order.

Operating specifications:
Manufacturer IDHRS-550S-12VHRS-550S-18V
Nominal voltage:12V DC18V DC
Operating voltage:3-16V3-24V
No load speed (min.):20,500rpm19,040rpm
No load current:1.4A0.9A
Stall current*:72A62A
Max. efficiency current:10A8A
Max. efficiency power output:83W103W
Max. efficiency torque:450g-cm600g-cm
Stall torque*:3690g-cm5145g-cm

*extrapolated value, excluding losses.

All values are given for operation at the nominal voltage (the 12V motor at 12V, or the 18V motor at 18V). The motor should not be allowed to stall more than momentarily or it is likely to overheat very quickly.

Motor dimensions:

The dimension 'A' above is 76mm while the dimensions 'B' is 13mm. The pinion gears aren't shown on the above diagram.

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