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K-3P766F 032 170608 12V DC '550' Motor, for Cordless Tools

This compact 12V DC brushed DC electric motor is of a '550' can size, typical to many 12V cordless tools and large-scale remote control cars. Maximum efficiency power output can exceed 80W and peak (short term) power output is hundreds of watts from a motor only 36mm in diameter. 

The motor is supplied with either a 9 tooth pinion, or a plain 3.17mm shaft. Your preferred option can be selected through a drop-down box below.

£10.70 £12.84 inc VAT
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Group SKU: K-3P766F

Motor model reference: K-3P766F 032 12VDC 170608

The approximate no-load speed at 12V is between 20,000 and 22,000rpm and the stall current is measured at 85A, full specifications aren't known for this model. Please ensure that your power source and control hardware are suitable for the high current this motor may draw, and fit circuit protection where appropriate. 

This is suitable as replacement motor for many 12V DC cordless tools, or for use in various DIY projects where a compact high powered motor is required. 

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