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GCA350 24V DC Compact Chain Actuator, 395mm Stroke, 350N

The GCA350 is unique among our product lineup in being able to squeeze a relatively large travel distance of 395mm inside a very compact extruded aluminium body. The actuator achieves this by coiling a heavy duty steel chain inside the body which unfurls as the actuator extends. Each actuator is able to push or pull with up to 350N (36kg) of force and can travel at up to 13mm/s no-load and 8mm/s at the full load (when run at the nominal 24V DC).

Please be aware that this type of actuator is only suitable for self-supported loads, for example pivoting windows, hatches, or sliding loads that are already supported with bearings in a linear direction perpendicular to the actuator body. 

Please see below for more product details.

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This actuator features a small electric motor (drawing only up to 820mA under load at 24V DC) with a large 4-stage gear reduction generating sufficient torque at the output sprocket to drive the extending chain either outwards or inwards with a force of up to 350N. The gearbox runs with a very low noise output thanks to a nylon worm-and-wheel first reduction stage which also means that the chain cannot be back-driven once in position (and can hold a static load in place up to 400N, without power having to be applied).

The chain construction does mean that a load has to be self-supporting, either pivoting through an arc (for example a hinged window or hatch) or moving straight along a linear line guided by rollers or bearings), without any directional guidance the chain would want to flop over in one direction while it is extending which is not of much use! 

Leads & Connector Options

The actuator comes with a 1.2m PVC insulated lead with a male DC connector at the end as standard, the male connector is compatible with our female DC leads and DC connector to screw terminal adapters, as well as our parallel splitter cables in case you wish to operate two chain actuators from the same controller. 

We are able to supply custom wiring and connectors upon request, please contact us with your requirements if interested.

User Advice

To change the direction of travel simply swap the polarity of the DC power source to the two actuator leads (this may be achieved using hardware such as our rocker switch harness or GLA-CU-X2 remote control unit). By varying the input voltage between 0-24V DC it is possible to control the travel speed of the actuator. Reducing the voltage will also reduce load capacity (for example at 12V the actuator will have roughly half of the maximum load capacity at 24V).

Since the actuator has a current-sensing limit circuit as opposed to the more common limit switches it should not be used above 24V DC, use above this maximum rated voltage invalidates the warranty and could quickly damage the actuator. 

We stock a 24V power supply ideal for powering this actuator, which is capable of powering up to 5pc of the chain actuator running in parallel if needed. 

Operating Characteristics
Motor:Nominal 24V DC, up to 20W
No Load speed:13mm/s
No Load Current:180mA
Full Load Speed:8mm/s
Maximum load:350N (36kg, 79lbs)
Current for max. load:820mA (the actuator will automatically cut out if overloaded)
Maximum static load:400N (41kg, 90lbs)
Noise levels:< 48dB under no-load
Maximum duty cycle:15% (this is the maximum proportion of time that the actuator may be in operation for, up to 2minutes during any continuous stretch. The duty cycle should be reduced below 10% for average loads >200N)

Be aware that there may some variation in the operating performance from actuator to actuator, as a rule-of-thumb allow for a 5% difference above/below the given values. If intending to use two actuators together to drive the same assembly connect them in parallel to the input current and ensure that the driven assembly is rigid enough to transfer forces between the actuators (so as to prevent twisting if one actuator is slightly faster than the other).

Actuator Build Detail

Aluminium body: 575 x 52 x 42 mm. CAD models are available. Contact us for a copy.

Mounting:Two steel swivel brackets intended to mount on either end of the aluminium body attach via 6mm threaded holes in the body (brackets and screws included), these allow the actuator to pivot at its base. A third swivel bracket is designed to mount on the end of the extending chain allowing this point to also pivot. All brackets have holes for M5 (5mm) mounting bolts or screws, for attaching onto surfaces.
Body materials:Anodized aluminium (extruded) main body, Die cast steel end caps, Zinc plated steel mounting brackets
Enclosure rated to IP42, the actuator should not be exposed to water.
Chain material:Stainless Steel
Operating temperature:-10°C ~ +70°C
Gearbox type:Four-stage. First stage worm-wheel gears to provide resistance to back-driving (the actuator can still hold a load without power being applied), all other gearbox stages are metal.
Limit switches:None (see overload protection below).
Overload protection:
The actuator has a current-sensing protection circuit inside the body. If the load exceeds the maximum rating or if it reaches the maximum or minimum travel positions (0mm and 395mm extension) the circuit will switch off and wait until the load reduces before powering the motor at full power again.
When the protection circuit has been triggered the idle current of the actuator is 25mA, use a timer controller to switch the actuator off fully if your application is energy-sensitive (our GLA-CU-X2 controller is ideal for this since it includes a 120 second auto-off timer). 
Wire length:1.2m from the body, with a 2.1 x 5.5mm male DC connector at the end. 
Weight:Base unit (without brackets): 1850g
Actuator with all included brackets:  1990g

We keep a spares stock of all actuator components, including gearboxes, chains, cables and connectors. If you need any help with your actuator please contact us.

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