GLA600-S 12V DC Long-Stroke Linear Actuator

DISCONTINUED:  We have replaced this actuator with the improved GLA800-N model. Please contact us to discuss your application if you are unsure of suitability.

The GLA600-S model is a medium-speed actuator available with large travel distances of either 400mm (15.75") or 700mm (27.5"). 

Typical applications include driving electric gates, automatic windows and other home automation assemblies. Each actuator may provide a pushing or pulling force of up to 600N (61kg, 134lbs) and a travel speed of up to 21mm/s when under no-load.

Please see below for more product details.


The large travel provided by the GLA600-S makes it useful for actuating assemblies which require greater leverage about a pivot point, in this way it can reduce the forces that occur at the actuator fixing points when compared to a shorter-stroke higher-force actuator doing the same job. In order to obtain a high travel speed the lead-screw of the actuator has a large pitch (and four starts), which mean that it may back-drive under heavy loads. 

The operating voltage of 12V DC makes it suitable for powering from a lead-acid battery such as a car battery, or running from a mains to 12V DC adapter which are widely available. 

Leads & Connector Options

The actuator comes with a 0.8m PVC insulated lead as standard (black external sleeve with two internal cores, one red and one black) with uncovered lead ends. An option is provided for a DC (barrel type) power connector to be added (2.1mm internal diameter, 5.5mm external) on a 300mm lead, bringing the total lead length to 1.1m. Allow for one extra working day to process your order if a connector option is added, since these are soldered and insulated to-order.

We are able to supply custom wiring and connectors upon request, please contact us with your requirements if interested.

User Advice

To change the direction of travel simply swap the polarity of the DC power source to the two actuator leads (this may be achieved using hardware such as our rocker switch harness or GLA-CU-X2 remote control unit). By varying the input voltage between 0-12V DC it is possible to control the speed of the actuator. Reducing the voltage will also reduce load capacity (for example at 6V the actuator will have roughly half of the maximum load capacity at 12V).

This actuator is designed primarily for compression loads, it will typically work OK in tension, up to the same rated maximum load, but can be more susceptible to damage from overloading. Shock loads through the mounting points should be avoided.

As with any DC motor the motor may be run at a higher voltage than the nominal 12V DC however operation at higher voltages will invalidate the warranty. Experienced users who wish to extract greater power from the actuator (at their own risk) should abide by a practical operation ceiling of 18V, above which the motor, diodes and limit switches of the actuator would be significantly more likely to fail. Be aware that the current draw will be greater if the actuator is run at above 12V DC and the duty cycle should be reduced to help avoid over-heating.

Ensure that the control hardware and power source are capable of providing sufficient current for the loads you expect the actuator to experience. We cannot be held liable for damage caused to connected hardware due to inappropriate hardware selection. 

CAD models (in STEP, IGS, Autodesk Fusion formats) of the actuator are available upon request.
GLA600-S 700mm Stroke CAD Model

Read on below for more product information.

Operating Characteristics
Motor:Nominal 12V DC, up to 50W
No-load speed:21mm/s
No-load current:1A
Full-load speed:12mm/s
Maximum load:600N, 61kg. The maximum load should be reduced if the load is not supported in an axial direction, parallel to the movement of the actuator. Longer-travel actuators are affected to a greater extent by off-axis loads.
Current for max. load:4.5A
Maximum static load:800N, 82kg
Noise levels:< 50dB under no-load
< 55dB under full-load
Maximum duty cycle:40% (this is the maximum proportion of time that the actuator may be in operation for, up to 2minutes during any continuous stretch. The duty cycle should be reduced below 20% for average loads >300N)
Life expectancy:Nominal 40,000 strokes

Please be aware that there may some variation in the operating performance from actuator to actuator, as a rule-of-thumb allow for a 5% difference above/below the given values. If you intend to use the actuators in sets of two or more driving the same assembly then you must ensure that the driven assembly is rigid enough to transfer forces between them effectively or else the output could twist and put excessive stress on the framework and actuators. If your structure is not rigid or needs to stay level throughout its travel (e.g. tabletop surfaces rising/falling level to the ground) then please get in contact to discuss automatic synchronising control options.

Actuator Build Detail
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GLA600-S Actuator Dimensions  
Installation length:105mm + Stroke length (distance from front to rear mounting hole centres)
Mounting:Two 6mm holes. One is towards the end of the piston rod, the other is on the rear of the gearbox housing.
Body material:Aluminium & Zinc plated Steel, rated to IP54
Certification:This is a CE and RoHS compliant product
Operating temperature:-5°C ~ +45°C
Gearbox type:Three-stage all-metal spur gears
Limit switches:Installed internally at ends of travel (fixed-position). The circuit functions like this:
Wire length:0.8m, excluding optional DC connector cable which brings the total length to ~1.1m.
400mm:  1350g
700mm:  1820g

If you have any queries about this item, including requests for bulk-pricing information, then please contact us.

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