About Gimson Robotics

We're an online stockist and developer of electromechanical products, supplying a wide range of components including linear actuators, actuator accessories, and DC gearmotors
We exist as a retail website, eBay store and custom project workshop.

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

In its current guise the business was established in November 2011, though we have previously traded under the name as far back as 2006. We have quickly grown to become one of the most prominent suppliers of linear actuators and associated electrical and mechanical hardware in the United Kingdom, releasing a number of exclusively developed products along the way. 

The company is owned and managed by Ewan Gimson, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Bristol University. The company inherits the family name and a long tradition of work in design and technology industries. Ewan first launched gimsonrobotics.co.uk in 2006 and operated for two years before the venture was put on hold between 2008-2011. From the beginning the business has been designed to be flexible to demand, sometimes employing engineering students alongside full time technicians to deal with project work alongside stocked product offerings. We embrace new technologies whenever possible, and as an online-focused business we are able to offer significant time and money savings on other engineering firms for a range of items and jobs. 

We are proud to be part of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership, started to promote sustainability in local businesses. We operate from an industrial unit with solar panels on the roof along with excellent thermal insulation, the majority of our day to day waste is recycled rather than sent to landfill, we use as many recyclable packaging materials as possible, and all of our staff cycle or walk in to work each day rather than driving. As of 2020 we have also begun to fund carbon offsetting projects and tree planting through Ecologi.

Custom Projects

Not only do we stock products for sale through the website but we also frequently provide bespoke customer modifications and develop new products on an application-specific basis. We have a full compliment of workshop equipment, including CNC router and 3D printing facilities, to use for these purposes. Our experience with microcontroller development makes us well placed to develop more-complex automation systems alongside mechanical design elements. 

Some examples of what we can do are listed below:

Bespoke wiring harnesses and connector adapters.
Tailor-made motor & actuator controllers.
Automatic-charging battery back-up systems (UPSs).
Automated control systems utilising sensors (IR, break-beam, ultrasonic, temperature etc.) and custom-programmed micro-controllers.
DC motors, actuators and geared transmissions designed to application requirements.
LCD and LED based display solutions for real-time control feedback.
Arduino development (software and hardware).
Bespoke control panels for wired and remotely operated systems.
Relay & solid-state control circuits for operating DC motors and accessories (such as indicator LEDs, sounders).
CAD (computer aided design) modelling, including installation guides for linear actuators and product prototyping. We most often work with Autodesk Fusion 360.
Internet-connected devices using Wi-Fi, 'IoT' technologies.
Multiple-actuator synchronising control systems.

If you are looking for help with your electrical or mechanical project, or to develop a new product, then we may be able to provide a solution. Please get in contact with your requirements and we'll let you know what we can offer.