6-Pin Male to Female Extension Cable 1.35m, for Actuators with Encoders

1.35m long extension cable suitable for actuators with 2-channel (quadrature) encoders. 2 thicker internal wires (~1mmor 17AWG conductive area each) are intended to carry DC motor/actuator current while 4 thinner wires are for carrying encoder power and signal lines. 

Each extension lead has a Male 6-pin latching connector at one end and a Female connector at the other end. They are 1.35m long end-to-end. Please find more information and lead colour to pin position references below.

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The plugs at each end have a 4.2mm pitch and match the profile of 5557 type connectors. They have a latching arm (on the Male connector) and a small hook (on the Female connector). 
Each black-insulated cable contains:
2 cores Brown and Blue for carrying motor current, ~1mm2 17AWG conductive area each. Up to 8A maximum on these wires at <20% duty cycle (maximum 2 minutes continuous).
4 cores Yellow, Orange, Red, Black for low current encoder power & signals, ~0.14mm2 26AWG conductive area each. Up to 0.5A continuous on these wires. 
Bear in mind that if you are connecting multiple extension cables in series, the current carrying capacity will be reduced due to the cumulative resistance of the extended cable.
Please see a connector contact position diagram below (note that some similar cables have White-insulated inner wires in place of Orange-insulated ones). 

AWM 2464 Insulation (insulation rated to 80°C, 300V)

Weight: 95g each

Male-end connector maximum cross section (rectangular) 17.2 x 16mm

Female-end connector maximum cross section (rectangular) 18.6 x 14mm