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DC Electric Motors

GR-WM4-ENC 24V DC 37rpm Worm Gear Motor with Encoder

£75.50 £88.08 inc VAT

A low-noise and high-torque geared electric motor, with a self-locking output and integrated quarature encoder allowing position & speed detection

10mm Aluminium Machined Mounting Hub with Keyway

£10.90 £12.72 inc VAT

An easy to use mounting hub with included M4 set-screw and four M5 mounting holes. 10mm Bore

GR-EP-45E Medium Power 45mm 12V Planetary Gearmotor

from £48.80 £56.93 inc VAT

A mid-powered geared electric motor ideal for automation and special effects, with multiple gearbox options

GR-EP-45ENC 45mm 12V 20W Planetary Gearmotor with Encoder

from £48.80 £56.93 inc VAT

Compact high torque electric motor and planetary gearbox, with an encoder for accurate speed and position control

Stainless Steel Motor Mounting Bracket, for 45mm Gearboxes

£10.80 £12.60 inc VAT

A robust angle bracket to enable the easy mounting of GR-EP-45E and GR-EP-45ENC gearboxes onto surfaces

GR-775-HP24 High Power 24V DC 775 Electric Motor

£15.80 £18.43 inc VAT

A compact high-powered electric motor rated for a nominal 24V DC, with a 42mm diameter body and 5mm shaft