Panel Mount DPDT Rocker Switch, Momentary (On)-Off-(On)

This is a high quality (Marquardt brand) panel-mountable rocker switch, with a spring-return action to the centre (off) position. The double-pole-double-throw (DPDT) contactor design allows for one or two independent circuits to be toggled between a common input (centre terminal) and one output direction or another depending upon which way the switch is pressed.

6off 4.8mm female spade terminals (suitable for crimping upon wires between 0.5-1.5mm²) are included with each switch (as pictured).

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1839.1407 Rocker Switch
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The rocker switch is designed to be installed into a 30mm by 22mm rectangular cut-out in a panel up-to 3mm thick (see reference sheet for exact dimensions). Two sprung clips on the sides of the switch body are designed to hold it in place on a flat panel. The overall depth of the switch excluding leads on the rear is approximately 30mm.

The switch has six 4.8mm x 0.8mm Male spade terminal connections on the underside.