10mm Pin Machined Aluminium Actuator Mounting Bracket

This sturdy mounting bracket is designed to mount to the ends of linear actuators and similar devices with 10mm mounting points, such as the GLA3000-N model.

Each bracket is CNC machined from a billet of 6061 grade aluminium, shaped to facilitate rotation by close-to 180 degrees about the actuator mounting points. The rectangular footprint of each bracket is 53.8mm x 50mm and the face to pivot offset distance is 36mm.

Each bracket is supplied with an 10mm diameter zinc-plated steel clevis pin (DIN 1444B standard, 60mm long) and R-clip. Also included are four M8 x 40 zinc-plated high tensile 8.8 steel set-screws with four matching M8 nyloc nuts, as well as nylon and steel washers.

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Dimensions for each bracket are shown below:

Each bracket weighs 180g including clevis pin and R clip, excluding the M8 mounting bolts and nuts.

It is the user's responsibility to verify suitability for each application. We have tested the bracket design to over 25,000 push/pull actions with >4000N stall loading.