12V DC Actuator Relay Harness, Make to Extend, Automatic Direction Switch

This relay harness allows you to easily control the direction of a small-sized connected 12V DC linear actuator or electric motor with a single switch input.

You simply need to provide a constant 12V DC (from a battery or power supply) to the 2.1 x 5.5mm DC connector labelled 'INPUT' and connect the actuator (or DC motor) you wish to operate to the lead labelled 'OUTPUT' (also 2.1 x 5.5mm); the actuator will travel in one direction initially (dependent on which way around its leads are connected) and will change direction if the two longer red leads (supplied with bare tinned ends) are connected together, which would normally be via a switch, or a relay contact.

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Operating Voltage
12V DC
Maximum Current
8A peak, up to 5A continuous
Lead Lengths
~280mm, on input and output 2.1x5.5mm connector leads
Switch Leads
~1000mm long (single core red leads)


The input and output connectors are compatible with the optional DC connector lead offered with many of our linear actuators, and also with the output connector of our 12V DC 8A power supply (for example). The current rating makes this device suitable for operating up-to two GLA200, GLA750 or GLA700-2 model actuators at once, or one GLA1500-N actuator (please contact us if you require a control solution with a higher current rating suitable for larger actuators, or a greater number of actuators).

The relay itself, a Relpol R2N-2012-23-1012 features a lever on the top side of the body, so that you can manually turn it on and off to override an electrical input, if needed.