AC to 24V DC 12A Power Supply/Adapter for Motors & Actuators YHY

This 24V DC power supply is manufactured specifically for Gimson Robotics, with output settings optimised for running electric motor and actuator loads. Each is capable of supplying up-to 8A continuously (limited by cooling), up to 12A at a maximum 50% duty, or up to 16A for <1s bursts. Unusually, for adapters of its power output, this power supply does not have a open-frame design or require a cooling fan, making it quieter, and electrically safer, than many alternatives.

Each adapter has a rectangular plastic body, with a 1m output lead running from the adapter body to a 2-way screw terminal block (15A rated). An IEC C14 connector in the side of the adapter matches up with the included C13 mains cable, with a 3-pin UK fused plug (3A fuse).

The power supply can accept an input of between 100V~240V AC, 50/60 Hz.

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This heavy duty power supply allows relatively high current loads, at 24V DC, to be run from a mains AC source. It manages this from a relatively compact body, and without a cooling fan, meaning that operation is silent.

This power supply is ideal for powering between 2 and 4 of our GLA3000-N model of actuator (24V version), or between 2 and 4 of our GR-WM4-ENC motors, as well as other similarly sized 24V DC loads. If you don't need quite so much power, please take a look at our 24V 4A model instead.

This power supply is suitable for indoor use only. Every power supply is tested under load before sending. If you have any questions about this item, or suitability for your application, please contact us.

Input Voltage
100V~240V AC, ~4.0A 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage
24V DC
Output Current
Up-to 8A continuous, or up to 12A at a maximum 50% duty (maximum 2 minutes continuous), or up to 16A for <1s bursts
Operating Temperature
-10°C ~ +40°C (ensure that free air flow is allowed around the body)
Enclosure Outer Size
195 x 78 x 40mm (excluding leads)
Case Material
Plastic, Double insulated electrical device
890g, add approximately 180g for the included mains lead
Input Lead
UK 3-pin 3A-fused C13 Lead (between 1.1m to 1.8m long depending on availability)
EU 2-pin-and-Earth Schuko C13 Lead (between 1.1m or 1.8m long depending on availability)
Output Lead
1m long round PVC insulated cable, with two 16AWG internal cores (Red and Black). 15A rated screw terminal connector at the end of the lead
Output Protection
Automatic overload protection, for detected currents >17A, with automatic reset
Product Standards
Please note that CE and FCC documentation is also available for this power supply upon request, however we do not have a registered office address in either the US or the European Single Market.