GR-MOT1 Customisation: Pre-Wired Rocker Switch

Use this item to add a pre-wired rocker switch option to the GR-MOT1 motor controller. You must have a GR-MOT1 controller in the same order for this item to be valid, or else the order will be cancelled and refunded. 

This adds a Marquardt 1839.1407 spring return panel mountable rocker switch, supplied connected via three 4.8mm female spade terminals to the end of a 3-core (3x0.5mm²) PVC insulated cable which is restrained by an M12 cable gland in the side of the GR-MOT1 enclosure. The centre of the switch is connected to a Brown wire (connected to 3.3V), one side of the switch (Blue) is connected to D1 and the other side (Green/Yellow) to D2. The wires on the inside of the GR-MOT1 enclosure are soldered and heat-shrunk into the 4P wired input connector of the controller.

As this is a made-to-order option it is a non-refundable item. Including this in an order may add 2 working days to the order process time. 

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