Stainless Steel Motor Mounting Bracket, for 45mm Gearboxes

This angled bracket allows for the easy mounting of 45mm diameter planetary gearmotors such as our GR-EP-45E and GR-EP-45ENC models. It is particularly useful when the plane of your output is perpendicular to any available mounting faces, as is often the case for direct-drive robot wheels or transmission drive motors. 

The bracket is laser cut and folded from 3mm thick 304 grade stainless steel. See drawing below for dimensions.

4pc M4 stainless steel button-head screws are included for mounting the gearbox to the bracket. Each bracket is sold individually (1pc).

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Each bracket has four 4mm diameter holes on one face for attaching a gearbox (it has been designed specifically for our GR-EP-45E and GR-EP-45ENC models). On the next face there are 4pc 4.1mm and 6pc 5.1mm diameter holes, to allow you to attach the bracket to your mounting surface. 

Using a combination of one of our 45mm planetary gearmotors, one of these brackets, and our 10mm mounting hub, you can have a quick and easy direct-drive solution for small robots and powered platforms. Be careful not to exceed the torque ratings of each gearbox if mounting wheels directly onto the shaft, and ensure that you mount the load as close as possible to the output shaft bearings. 

Please contact us for a CAD model of the bracket, or if you have any questions. 

45mm Planetary Motor Gearbox Mounting Bracket