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GR-MOT1 General Purpose Motor Control Module (12-24V DC)

from £59.80 £69.77 inc VAT

A highly adaptable motor controller for DC electric actuators, with adjustable overcurrent responses, speed control, and optional remote control operation, all mounted in a convenient plastic enclosure.

GR-WM4-ENC 24V DC 37rpm Worm Gear Motor with Encoder

£75.50 £88.08 inc VAT

A low-noise and high-torque geared electric motor, with a self-locking output and integrated quarature encoder allowing position & speed detection

GLA3000-N 24V DC Low-Noise Linear Actuator with Encoder

from £106.50 £124.25 inc VAT

A high strength electric actuator with built-in encoder to enable synchronising and position control. Often used for adjustable furniture and other large assemblies

AC to 24V DC 12A Power Supply/Adapter for Motors & Actuators YHY

£62.40 £72.80 inc VAT

Heavy duty yet silent power adapter, designed for use with DC electric motors and actuators

GLA-Q40 12V 250N Compact Fast-Travel Linear Actuator with Encoder

from £79.40 £92.63 inc VAT

Fast-travelling but low-noise compact actuator with a built-in encoder for position tracking & sychronisation

GLA-Q40 12V 750N Compact High-Force Linear Actuator with Encoder

from £79.40 £92.63 inc VAT

A compact bodied 12V actuator with low-noise transmission and built-in encoder to allow for position tracking