6-pin 3x2 Male Connector, 4.2mm Pitch, 1m lead

This connector features a 6-pin Male plug, compatible with the 6-pin Female connector on the GR-SYNC controller and similar devices. It has a 1000mm overall length, with the final ~50mm of outer black PVC insulation stripped back to reveal the internal cores, with a short portion stripped back to the wire and tinned at the ends for connection. 

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The plug has a 4.2mm pitch and matches the profile of 5557 type connectors. Matching 6-pin female connectors are also available
Each black-insulated cable contains:
2 cores Brown and Blue for carrying motor current, ~1mm2 17AWG conductive area each. Up to 8A maximum on these wires at <20% duty cycle (maximum 2 minutes continuous).
4 cores Yellow, Orange, Red, Black for low current encoder power & signals, ~0.14mm2 26AWG conductive area each. Up to 0.5A continuous on these wires. 
Please see a connector contact position diagram below (note that some similar cables have White-insulated inner wires in place of Orange-insulated ones, hence the illustration indicating that this wire is either White or Orange). 

AWM 2464 Insulation (insulation rated to 80°C, 300V)

Male-end connector maximum cross section (rectangular) 17 x 16.5mm