Heavy Duty 5mm A4 Stainless Steel Actuator Bracket, 10mm Pin

These heavy-duty clevis mounting brackets are made from corrosion-resistant 5mm thick 316 (A4) grade stainless steel. They are designed to fit the front or rear mounting points of an actuator and to facilitate rotation by close-to 180 degrees.

They are a perfect match for our GLA3000-N model of linear actuator.

Each bracket is supplied with accessories including a 10mm diameter (50mm length) clevis pin (zinc plated steel), R-clip, nylon washers, and a set of four M6 x 40mm mounting screws with nyloc nuts. The brackets are supplied individually.

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Each bracket is laser cut from 5mm thick stainless plate and then folded along two edges. The base of the bracket has six 6.3mm diameter mounting holes. Each should only be used for pushing or pulling loads across the included 10mm pin of up to 400kg (~4000N) maximum.

Please be aware that the material surface does not have a 'brushed' stainless effect, and they are not supplied polished.

See a dimensioned drawing below. Please allow for +/-1mm on major dimensions (e.g. 44mm and 34mm dimensions), due to the tolerances involved during bending (the outline cut profile tends to be accurate, but the bend profile can be slightly off). Please contact us for a CAD model of the bracket.